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Time:04:03 pm

Kanon Visual Memories Artbook (pictures of the inside) along with *drumroll*

The Kanon 2006 Ayu Uguu CD???

Did you know there are 86 different Uguu's? And it's available for download on the site!

Absolutely awesome XD
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Time:02:41 am
You Are Christmas

More than most people, you are able to find magic in life's small moments.
Traditions mean a lot to you, and you tend to be quite nostalgic.
You are a giving, kind person who really understands the true meaning of holidays.
You inspire others to be as altruistic and caring as you are.

What makes you celebrate: Tradition and a generous spirit

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The storyteller. You like to recount memories with everyone.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Give a gift to everyone you know
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Time:09:23 pm
To whom it may help in the future:

solution to: " download started --- Emergency @ USB, Bootblock Version: a950_bb:YK24.3 " error that can appear on Verizon Samsung A950 phones

3 months ago, my phone was caught in a downpour and after it dried out, this is the message I got. My phone was completely unresponsive, and would turn off only if I took out the battery. Verizon says that the phone is damaged, I need to buy a new one for $50. They're less than helpful because of that little dot behind the battery that turns purple when it gets wet. They say that they can't flash the firmware to fix it. But I know I've been able to get it to turn on into the normal screen before. I know it can still work.

Here is the way to get around this apparent 'bricking' of your phone.

You'll find that any time this error message, a950_bb:YK24.3, appears, you can only get the phone to turn off by disconnecting all power to it. Upon reconnecting power, you'll be met with the same, depressing message.

But wait, what if you hold buttons? I've found that holding 8, 6, 9, or the speakerphone button miraculously allow for my phone to start up! Unfortunately you'll find your happiness rained upon by the fact that your buttons are all screwed up and dont register what they're labeled as. Have we met the end of the road?

Fear not. Patience will bring the answer. Simply close your phone and let it be for a few minutes. Lets say 2-10 minutes, though I havent really timed myself. The next time you open it, you'll find all the buttons yield the right stuff on your screen. Your phone functions completely normally!

You'll find this doesn't "solve" the problem persay. You'll continue to have this come up from time to time (I find it is more likely to happen when my battery is low). But this method does bypass the problem, allowing you to use your phone until you can exchange it for something else. I've been using this method for 3 months now, and in another month, I'll get a free exchange. It's not very hard to do, there's nothing truly wrong with my phone, and I save $50. Documentation on this error is very limited, but since I seem to have found a solution, I am posting it for the good of some other poor bloke out there who someday, may stumble upon my path and save $50 as well.

edit 7/10/08:
For anyone who may be wondering, I am still using the same phone that was referred to in the above post. In the subsequent weeks after the damage, the phone's error message appeared less and less frequently, until it eventually stopped malfunctioning at all. My guess is that it might be related to residual water in the circuits in the phone finally drying out, but my phone has continued to function flawlessly ever since. Those who don't have the patience for the error may want to exchange their phones, but for those who are willing to wait it seems the problem will eventually go away, saving you a nice chunk of change.

I'm glad to see from the comments that my post is helping people out there, and know that I do receive email notices when comments are posted, so if you have further questions and are willing to check back I most likely will respond.
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Time:01:52 am
Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love.
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Time:02:52 am
/b/ - still alive
the soup was beef and potato fyi
never again.

hahaha, moot has class.
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Time:07:29 pm
You Are From Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.
You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.
Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.
You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.
If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.
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Time:08:23 pm
According to some of our residents, some of our UCF fans were real dicks during the game. Yet, I can't help but love them. Apparently in the last 2 minutes of the football game tonight (UCF vs. Memphis), UCF was leading 42 to 6 and the band started playing "na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye!"

I love my school XD
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Time:02:18 am
Lesson learned: Paper in microwave can catch on fire. Especially if the basil leaves you're trying to dry out catch on fire first.

Lesson learned: Attempting to blow out a 3" diameter ring of fire doesn't work very well. Smothering it, however, does.

Lesson learned: If the microwave makes strange buzzing sounds, it's because you started a fire inside.

Lesson learned: Even on 30% power, you can start a fire in your microwave.

Good thing I caught it quickly so no damage was done...
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Subject:Re: Your Song About My Client Delilah
Time:06:39 pm
Hey There Delilah is currently number 1 on the UK iTunes top 100.
Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hey_There_Delilah
Original can be downloaded here: http://star.walagata.com/w/dragoncmf/4028024.mp3

Apparently there's a parody out there, quite well done. You can get it below, along with lyrics

Song Lyrics:
Parody of "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion

Dear Mr. Higgenson: It's me, Delilah's lawyer
I am writing to inform you there's
A third restraining order
In effect
The first two haven't stopped you yet
She's quite upset

May I remind you, Tom, my client doesn't like you
Yet you keep composing songs for her
Which means you have the IQ
Of a brick
You couldn't "hit that" with a stick
Please seek help quick

Oh, we're watching you, you creep
Oh, we're watching you, you creep
Oh, we're watching you, you freak
Oh, it's what we do all week
All the stupid week

Do not address Delilah's mother as a MILF and
Please desist from mailing puppy dogs
And photos of yourself in
Plain white T's
And next time put some pants on, please
Nice cottage cheese

My client's gone in hiding halfway 'cross the nation
But you evidently stalked her to
Her undisclosed location
In New York
You put it in your song, you dork
We're freaking torqued

Oh, were watching you, you creep
Oh, we watch you when you sleep
Oh, we watch you when you eat
Oh, we watched you take a leak

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But you've used planes and trains and cars
And pogo sticks and Segways and a horse
But we've got warrants out for you
So, Romeo, if you try to
Go near her, you'll regret the choice, of course
There's lots of guys who'd gladly pay
To make your love song go away
They'll quickly take you down without remorse
With deadly force

Dear Mr. Higgenson: This isn't 'cause I'm jealous
That I left the band for law school while
You got rich with the fellas
With your song
Here's why I took this client on:
Like you, I've wanted her so long
So it's so nice to sue you, Tom
P.S. How's Mom?

Lyrics from Spaff.com
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Time:02:30 am
It's a sad day when you find that your nutella has gone rancid.

Rancid nutella doesn't taste too good btw, in case you were wondering just how Asian I am.
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